General information

General information Teaching 483

Patient was instructed on the importance of a proper nutrition. Read the nutrition facts on food labels. Food labels for fruits may contain the words:

General information Teaching 484

Patient was instructed on the importance of an appropriate nutrition to keep blood sugar levels as near to normal as possible. Read Nutrition Facts on food labels and if the serving has too much carbohydrate, the size of serving will need to be adjusted.

General information Teaching 485

Patient was instructed on appropriate nutrition. Eat healthy, eat more fiber, try whole grains fresh fruits, and raw vegetables. Try picking from the rainbow of colors to maximize variety. Eat non starchy vegetables such as spinach, carrots, broccoli or green beans with the meals.

General information Teaching 486

Instructed patient about foods high in cholesterol, such as, organ meats, read meats, fatty poultry, shrimp, bacon, cold cuts, hot dogs, saturated fats (found in animal fats and coconut oil), palm kernel, cocoa butter, hydrogenated fats, chocolate, margarine, nondairy substitutes, whole milk, egg yolks, fried foods, and others.

General information Teaching 490

A diet that meets the dietary guidelines will ordinarily have enough iron, folate, and vitamin Bto prevent anemia.

General information Teaching 491

Instructed patient about methods for adjusting the diet to meet a change in activity greater caloric intake is required for prolonged or strenuous activity to prevent hypoglycemia.

General information Teaching 251

Instructed patient to take medication with food to minimize GI outset.

General information Teaching 252

Instructed patient to flush all expired medication down the toilet.

General information Teaching 253

Instructed patient to take his/her pills with a full glass of water and drink all the water even if the pill went down with the first swallow.

General information Teaching 254

Instructed patient to refill her/his medication before she/he are completely out of them.