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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Wound Care Teaching 153

Instructed in materials used in wound care. However, even with proper treatment, a wound infection may occur. Check the wound daily for signs of infection like increased drainage or bleeding from the wound that won’t stop with direct pressure, redness in or around the wound, foul odor or pus coming from the wound, increased swelling around the wound and ever above 101.0°F or shaking chills.

Depression Teaching 394

Instructed patient to attend all psychiatrist appointments.

Depression Teaching 610

Patient was instructed on depression as a diabetes complication. It is important recognizing the symptoms of depression to get help that is needed. Feeling sad for a prolonged period of time - feeling restless or anxious for non apparent reason - feeling hopeless, helpless or worthless - not being able to concentrate.

Miscellaneous Teaching 981

Instructed on proper method of medication intake, as many people taking prescription medications do not follow their doctors' instructions.

Activity Intolerance Teaching 1164

Taught that stopping activity immediately if cardiac symptoms (e.g., chest pain, increased shortness of breath and/or excessive fatigue) occur is a measure aimed to increasing tolerance in response to increased physical activity.

Foot care Teaching 1248

SN suggested patient to have nails, calluses and corns trimmed by podiatrist because those with diabetes have poor circulation. A good blood circulation is known to aid your body in all healing processes, so when it becomes sluggish, it takes longer for any injuries to on feet to heal.

Nexium Teaching 1317

Nexium should be taken at least one hour before meals.

Foot care Teaching 1665

SN instructed patient to perform daily meticulous foot care, to be sure to dry feet completely after a bath, checking for any sores, cuts or scrapes and to report any wounds as soon as they appear to SN or MD. Also have a podiatrist cut toenails regularly to prevent ingrown toenails and other complications.

PICC Line Teaching 1882

Instructed patient how prevent infections: To wash your hands with soap and water: Wet your hands with warm water, avoid hot water, which can cause skin irritation when you wash your hands often. Apply enough soap to cover the entire surface of your hands, including your fingers.

Bleending Teaching 1982

SN instructed patient that bleeding is frequently associated with any non-tunneled catheter insertion. More frequent dressing changes and/or a mild pressure dressing may be required. Excessive bleeding or bleeding that persists for more than 24 hours is not normal. Excessive bleeding may be caused by coagulation disorders, vigorous physical activity, or a traumatic insertion procedure.