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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Angina pectoris Teaching 37

Instructed to take nitroglycerin at the first sign of angina, to rest in a lying or sitting position, to maintain a quiet enviroment and to get medical attention.

Lopressor Teaching 163

Instructed in use of Lopressor, to control high blood pressure.

Teaching 257

Instructed patient about Avandia. This is an oral antidiabetic used to decrease blood sugar levels. Avandia is used in DM type II , alone or in combination of other oral antidiabetic drugs.

Cardiac Teaching 407

Instructed patient about complications requiring medical intervention associated with hypertension, such as: SOB, blurred vision, headache and extreme weakness.

Fall precautions Teaching 437

Patient instructed that if after a fall he or she doesn

Hypoglycemia Teaching 781

Patient was instructed on how to prevent Hypoglycemia: Start off every morning with a healthy breakfast containing fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods such oatmeal. Eat healthy food without skipping any meals during the day.

Cerebrovascular Accident Teaching 852

Taught that transient ischemic attacks (TIA), which are temporary impairment of blood flow to the brain, may precede a cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

Crestor Teaching 931

Instructed on the importance of do not stop taking Crestor even if feeling well, unless otherwise directed by MD.

Activity Intolerance Teaching 1152

Instructed on some signs/symptoms of activity intolerance in response to physical activity, such as: shortness of breath and/or increased weakness, among others.

Depression Teaching 1258

Instructed on some signs/symptoms of depression, such as: tiredness, listlessness and loss of interest in normal activities, among others.