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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Chronic renal failure Teaching 142

Instructed in measures to manage chronic renal failure, such as, following prescribed information closely, following activity as instructed, avoiding stress, monitoring blood pressure closely and reporting any signs of bleeding tendencies.

General teaching Teaching 202

Instructed to discard all outdated medications.

General information Teaching 472

Patient was instructed on measures to decrease fat in diet, such as foods should be baked, broiled, or boiled instead of fried. Trim visible fat from meats and remove skin from poultry. Substitute fish or chicken for beef, pork or lamb. Use skim milk instead of whole milk.

Skin Care Teaching 652

Patient was instructed on skin care. Keep the skin moist by using a lotion or cream after washed. Keep a bottle of lotion near the sink so to use it after washing the hands. But limit the products used on the skin to decrease the chance of having reaction.

Pain Management Teaching 668

Patient was instructed on how pain develops. When something in the body is not working properly, the body

Blood Sugar Teaching 711

Patient was instructed on the importance to have a good blood sugar control to avoid future diabetes complications. A great diabetes management plan includes

Hypertension Teaching 865

Instructed on some factors that may increase the risk of developing/exacerbating hypertension, such as: high cholesterol intake, obesity and a sedentary life-style.

Cervicalgia Teaching 1608

Patient/CG were instructed on: Treatment for cervicalgia ( neck pain ) are usually conservative and include methods of relieving inflammation . Applying ice to the area is a good way of relieving pain and swelling and is often advised where a muscle tear is suspected. Heat is contraindicated in such a situation as this is likely to make the problem worse by increasing blood flow to the area. If the cervicalgia is due to muscle tension rather than an injury then thermotherapy can be effective in aiding relaxation of the muscle and relieving neck pain. Adequate rest and the temporary use of a supportive neck collar is also helpful in some cases of cervicalgia ( neck pain ) although it is inadvisable to use a collar long-term as this may itself lead to muscle weakness in the neck. Many patients also make use of anti-inflammatory medications, including prescribed drugs, and natural supplements to lower inflammation and pain. Physical therapy, including neck stretches and strengthening exercises, is a good idea for anyone who suffers from chronic neck pain, and intractable cases may require more invasive surgical intervention to address some causes of cervicalgia

PICC Line Teaching 1636

Instructed patient / caregiver the arm with the PICC line must not be babied. Normal use, in fact increases blood circulation in that arm.

VAC Teaching 1725

Instructed caregiver vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) therapy is intended to manage the environment of surgical incisions that continue to drain following sutured or stapled closure by maintaining a closed environment and removing exudates via the application of negative pressure wound therapy