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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Diarrhea Teaching 85

Instructed in factors that increase the risk of diarrhea such as drug side effects, food allergies, infections, ingestion of toxins, fecal impactions, radiation, laxative abuse, stress, lactose intolerance, or diseases like cancer, diverticulosis and others.

Hypertension Teaching 299

Instructed patient on the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables to his/her diet to help managing hypertension. Decreasing the salt in your diet, limiting alcohol and not smoking help as well. Regular monitoring of blood pressure track the progress of the condition. Patient verbalized understanding.

Cardiac Teaching 406

Instructed patient about the importance of decreasing fluid intake when applicable and adherence to therapeutic diet to prevent cardiac overload.

Leg edema Teaching 557

Patient was instructed on leg edema. The body needs the right amount of blood flow to keep the heart pumping, the legs moving and the brain functioning. Blood circulation, the movement of blood throughout the body, is clearly crucial to the existence, and poor leg circulation can cause many problems, such as leg edema or leg swelling.

Hypoglycemia Teaching 793

Patient was instructed on hypoglycemia symptoms, such as shaking or physical tremor. Tremors are the involuntary trembling of the body often it affects the fingers or hands. Another sign is the palpitations. Abnormality of the heart beat that a person slurred speech or difficulty articulating words.

Labetalol Teaching 911

Taught that Labetalol is used with or without other medications to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).

Angina pectoris Teaching 1108

Taught that obesity may constitute as a precipitating factor of Angina Pectoris.

Wound Care Teaching 1351

Skilled Nurse to educate on S/S of wound deterioration or infection such as: increase pain on wound site, swelling, temperature, and discharge.

Aortic Valve Stenosis Teaching 1375

Taught the patient using heart models or diagrams the location of the aortic valve stenosis and show the affected valve and instruct him/her its role in the arterial circulation. Encouraged the patient the importance of avoiding strenuous activities. Advised the patient for frequent rest periods and avoid fatigue.

Epilepsy Teaching 1667

SN instructed patient that a seizure can occur at any time and without warning, patient should shower only with someone in attendance. Leave the bathroom door unlocked, use shower chair, take shower rather than tubs baths.