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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Hypotension Teaching 279

Instructed patient on how to recognize S/S of hypotension, such as, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, weakness, confusion, etc.

Hypertension Teaching 298

Instructed patient on how the habit of eating a lot of salt increases the chance of getting high blood pressure.

Wound Care Teaching 536

Patient was instructed on traumatic wounds. Abrasions are superficial epithelial wounds cause by frictional scarping forces. When extensive, they may be associated with fluid loss. Such wounds should be cleansed to minimize the risk of infection, and superficial foreign bodies should be removed to avoid unsightly

Crestor Teaching 929

Taught that Crestor is to be taken daily, by mouth, with or without food.

Congestive Heart Failure Teaching 1142

Taught that anemia and obesity are factors that may increase the risk of developing/exacerbating Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Osteoarthritis Teaching 1191

Taught that Osteoarthritis can affect all mobile joints, especially weight-bearing joints.

Gastrectomy Teaching 1443

The patient was instructed in gastrectomy indicating good wound management, dressing changes, process, regularity, and check of skin. The patient was advised in obtaining appropriate devices, such as ostomy appliances, sterile dressings, and tube feedings and feeding pump. The patient was explained in characteristic relief of abandoning syndrome. The patient was advised to plan a low-carbohydrate, high-fat, high-protein diet. The patient was taught to eat small, frequent meals and to avoid taking liquids with meals. The patient was recommended to adopt a reclining position after meals.

Teaching 1514

The patient was instructed in saphenous vein ligation and stripping in the need to wear support stockings. The patient was advised to wear constrictive clothing and knee-high stockings. The patient was advised to take discomfort medications. The patient was advised to take recurrent relaxation periods during the day and raise the legs above the heart while sitting for at least 6 weeks. The patient was recommended to avoid long periods of sitting and standing.

Nystatin Teaching 1586

The patient was instructed on the new medication Nystatin, to be used according the indications; The use of this medication as directed (including the replacement of missed doses). This medication is not for any disorder other than that for which it is prescribed. Even if symptomatic relief occurs within the first few days of treatment, the patient should be advised not to interrupt or discontinue therapy until the prescribed course of treatment is completed. If symptoms of irritation develop, the patient should be advised to notify the physician promptly

Tracheostomy Teaching 1851

Instructed patient sterile technique includes: Hand washing, Wearing sterile gloves. Using a new trach tube, inner cannula, and trach tie. Using sterile water (new bottle or bag every 24 hours). Discarding suction catheters after each use.