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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Vomiting Teaching 292

Instructed patient to call MD whether dehydration is present or a known injury has occurred, such as head injury or infection, that may be causing vomiting.

General information Teaching 474

Patient was instructed on precautions regarding food. Avoid containers that have broken seals. Wash any equipment thoroughly that has come in contact with raw meat or poultry. Never use an egg that has unpleasant odors or cracked shells.

Medications precautions Teaching 595

Patient was instructed on how to react at drugs side effects: Avoid hot showers they can cause dizziness. Explained to the patient to weight at least once a week at the same time of the day, (such as the first thing in the morning) and report weight changes of more than 1 to 2 pounds in 1 week.

Stress Teaching 686

Patient was instructed on how stress can affect blood sugar. One way stress affect blood sugar and having a direct effect on it, is as with the stress of a physical illness, prolonged or excessive stress can cause the body to produce hormones that prevent insulin from working properly. That, in turn, increases the blood sugar levels.

Precautions for diabetes Teaching 707

Instructed patient about the importance of remaining seated for at least minutes after each meal in order to prevent aspiration and accelerate gastric emptying.

Epilepsy Teaching 1068

Instructed on some measures aimed to preventing/controlling Epilepsy, such as: take corresponding medications exactly as directed by MD and avoid over-the-counter medication without MD

Aortic Aneurysm Teaching 1373

Instruct the patient in care of the incisional wound, reviewing signs of wound infection and thrombus formation in the implant replacement of the aortic valve.

HIV Teaching 1791

Instructed patient eat a healthy, balanced diet to keep your immune system strong. Heart-healthy eating can help prevent some of the problems, such as high cholesterol, that can be caused by treatment for HIV. Instructed patient how to deal with the weight loss that HIV infection can cause. Learn how to handle food properly to avoid getting food poisoning.

Insulin Teaching 1804

Patient was instructed about another reason to get your blood sugar levels under control and keep them that way doing so can help you avoid many diabetes skin problems, still, skin conditions related to this disease are common. As many as 1 out of 3 people with diabetes will have one. Fortunately, most can be or successfully treated before they turn into a serious problem.

Actonel Teaching 2062

SN instructed patient / caregiver that Actonel is used to treat and prevent bone loss ( osteoporosis ). SN instructed patient of the side effects of Actonel: nausea, diarrhea, constipation and headache. SN instructed patient / caregiver to report to physician of adverse effects: flu - like symptoms ( e.g., fatigue, fever, aches ), weakness, chest or stomach pain, pain when swallowing, leg or ankle swelling, joint pain, bone pain.