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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Actos Teaching 49

Instructed in new medication Actos to improve glycemic control. In addition, warned of possible S/E such as headache, edema, heart failure, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tooth disorder, anemia, hypoglycemia (with combination therapy), aggravated diabetes mellitus, weight gain, myalgia and upper respiratory tract infection.

Stroke Teaching 117

Instructed in factors that increase the risk of stroke such as age, family history, race, prior stroke, history of diabetes, cardiac and renal disease, among others.

Infection Teaching 330

Instructed patient about the most common types of infection in diabetic patients, for example: skin, subcutaneous tissue, and renal and pulmonary infections.

Diabetes Teaching 379

Instructed patient on possible causes of high blood sugars such as: excess food, insufficient insulin, and lack of exercise, stress, infection or fever.

Emphysema Teaching 1057

Instructed on some measures aimed to managing/controlling Emphysema, such as: avoid or control stress, which can exacerbate disease.

Activity Intolerance Teaching 1160

Taught that sitting to perform an activity rather than stand, if possible, is a measure aimed to increasing tolerance in response to increased physical activity.

Mitral Stenosis Teaching 1478

The patient was instructed in mitral stenosis viewing the position of the affected valve and explains its part in the arterial circulation. The patient was advised to follow on anticoagulation therapy. The patient was recommended to follow procedures for dealing with pain.

Hypoglycemia Teaching 1574

Caregiver ALF staff was instructed in the most common side effects of Tradjenta such as stuffy or runny nose and sore throat. Hypoglycemia may occur when linagliptin is combined with insulin or a sulfonylurea-type drug. Allergic reactions and muscle pain also may occur.

PICC Line Teaching 1639

Instructed patient / caregiver for minimizing problems associated with PICC lines, guidelines include: Always wash hands before touching the PICC line, do not allow any sharp objects near the line, do not clean the skin near the line with any acetone containing cleanser.

Pain relief Teaching 2071

Sn teaching patient to take pain medication before pain becomes severe to achieve better pain control and decreases the amount of pain medication that is required. SN instructed patient on pain relief measures, including relaxation techniques, massage, stretching, positioning, and / or hot / cold packs.