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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Trental Teaching 11

Instructed in new medication Trental and in S/E such as headache, dizziness, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting.

Rehabilitation Therapy Teaching 286

Instructed patient to perform daily exercises as taught by physical therapist to prevent muscles atrophy, decrease joint contractures and improve circulation.

Osteoporosis Teaching 526

Patient was instructed on Osteoporosis fractures. The hip fractures are most common in older women and often caused by a fall. After a hip fracture, many older people have medical complications such as blood clots, pressure sores, or pneumonia. Compression fractures of the spine can result in back pain, stooped posture, loss of height, and a curved upper back.

Fall precautions Teaching 618

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls. Avoid throw rugs. Secure any loose handrails. Wear glasses if prescribed. Change positions slowly. Wear well-fitting shoes.

Hyperglycemia Teaching 769

Patient was instructed on hyperglycemia. It is important to know that glucose levels vary before and after meals, and at various times of the day. Sustained high levels of blood sugar cause damage to the blood vessels and to the organs they supply, leading to the complications of diabetes.

Hypertension Teaching 862

Instructed on some factors that may increase the risk of developing/exacerbating hypertension, such as: cigarette smoking, high cholesterol intake and a sedentary life-style.

Miscellaneous Teaching 961

Instructed on the importance of notifying physician, nurse or other health care provider immediately if stomach/abdominal pain and/or fatigue occur.

Congestive Heart Failure Teaching 1257

Instructed on some potential complications of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), such as: damage to such organs as liver, kidney and/or brain, among others.

Oxygen Teaching 1615

SN instructed patient about oxygen use precautions: Oxygen is a safe gas as long as it is used properly. Do not store your oxygen system near any heat sources or open flames. Do not smoke or allow others to smoke in the same room as your oxygen system, sparks from a cigarette could cause facial burns. Post “No Smoking” signs in the room where your oxygen is kept.

Hypertension Teaching 1647

Patient was instructed on some potential complications of hypertension, such as: retinal damage , cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke and kidney failure. Also the patient was instructed on some measures aimed to managing/controlling hypertension, such as: exercise regularly and have regular check-ups, achieve and/or maintain ideal weight, and decrease sodium intake to decrease retention of fluid and the workload of the heart as directed by MD. Patient understood instructions given.