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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Oxygen Teaching 57

Instructed in signs and symptoms of lack of oxigen (hypoxemia) such as fast heartrate, rise in pulse and blood pressure, shortness of breath, headache, restlessness and anxiousness, confusion, lethargy, agitation, drop in heartrate and blood pressure as condition progressess, cyansis and others.

Aspirin Teaching 83

Instructed in new medication Aspirin to manage rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, warned of possible S/E such as tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea, GI distress, occult bleeding, dyspepsia, GI bleeding, leukopenia, hepatitis, rash, urticaria and others.

Diabetes Teaching 696

Patient was instructed on cardiovascular complications. Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) can cause arteries to narrow and/or lose elasticity causing Atherosclerosis (CAD) where blockage occurs in the arteries that go to the heart.

Personal hygiene Teaching 697

Patient was instructed on personal hygiene. Most infections, especially colds are caught when people put the unwashed hands (which may have germs) to the mouth. Hands and writs should be wash frequently with warm water and mild soap then dry them carefully with paper towel or hot air dryer.

Hyperglycemia Teaching 761

Patient was instructed on Hyperglycemia. This disease occurs naturally during times of infections and inflammation. When the body id stressed, endogenous (that are part of the sympathetic nervous system) are released that serve to raise the blood sugar levels.

Plavix Teaching 879

Instructed on the importance of taking Plavix regularly, at the same time each day and as directed by MD, in order to get the most benefit from it.

Osteoarthritis Teaching 1194

Instructed on some signs/symptoms of Osteoarthritis, such as: aching pain that increases with activity and is usually relieved with rest.

Colostomy Teaching 1314

SN instructed patient to should eat three or more times a day. Small frequent meals may be better tolerated and produce less gas.

Hypertension Teaching 1631

Instructed patient untreated high blood pressure can lead to a greater risk for stroke, heart attack, or other heart damage.

Tracheostomy Teaching 1851

Instructed patient sterile technique includes: Hand washing, Wearing sterile gloves. Using a new trach tube, inner cannula, and trach tie. Using sterile water (new bottle or bag every 24 hours). Discarding suction catheters after each use.