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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Augmentin Teaching 45

Instructed in new medication Augmentin to manage infection. In addition, warned of possible S/E such as nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, skin rash, blurred vision, confusion, anxiety, redness, etc.

Vasotec Teaching 145

Instructed in use of Vasotec to help control high blood pressure.

Incontinence Teaching 287

Instructed patient about possible complications of urinary incontinence, such as, urinary tract infections (cloudy, foul-smelling, urine), depression and loss of self-esteem, skin breakdown, etc.

Tracheostomy Teaching 448

Instructed patient to secure the new ties to the tracheostomy tube flanges before removing the old ones. Insert your little finger between the tie tapes and your patient\'s neck to check the fit and ensure his comfort.

Blood Sugar Teaching 683

Patient was instructed on how lifestyle and daily routine can affect blood sugar levels. Food is the major culprit in altering the blood sugar level. The blood is at its highest an hour or two after eaten, and then it starts to fall. What eaten, when and how much all affect blood sugar levels.

Epilepsy Teaching 1069

Instructed on some measures aimed to preventing/controlling Epilepsy, such as: identify and avoid potential precipitating factors (e.g., stress, alcohol intake, fatigue).

Lovenox Teaching 1306

SN advised patient on proper position to adminsiter Lovenox (lie down during injection). Patient verbalized understanding of instructions given.

Sensipar Teaching 1683

SN instructed patient about Sensipar (cinacalcet) is an agent that increases the sensitivity of the parathyroid gland to calcium in the body. This causes a decrease in levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcium, and phosphorous in the body. Sensipar works best if you take it with food or shortly after eating a meal. Do not crush or break a Sensipar tablet. Swallow the pill whole. Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as numbness or tingly feeling around your mouth, fast or slow heart rate, muscle tightness or contraction, overactive reflexes, seizure, feeling short of breath, swelling, rapid weight gain, or feeling like you might pass out.

HIV Teaching 1792

Instructed patient exercise regularly to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life. Take steps to help prevent HIV-related fatigue. SN instructed patient don't smoke. People with HIV are more likely to have a heart attack or get lung cancer. Cigarette smoking can raise these risks even more.

Neosporin Teaching 1947

SN instructed patient about Triple antibiotic ointment Neosporin, it is an antibiotic product marketed for the prevention of infections and speeding the healing of wounds. Neosporin is recommended for burns, scratches, and minor cuts. It is most effective when affected area is cleaned before application of ointment. It is for external use only and should not go near mucus membranes such as the eyes or mouth. It is not recommended for children under the age of two. There are no known side effects when using neosporin, however users should immediately seek medical attention when experiencing hives, rashes, or itching. Any skin irritations such as pain, burning, or cracked skin that were not present prior to use of ointment must receive immediate care.