Diabetes Teaching 348

Instructed patient on the use of home glucose monitor to ensure accuracy of results.

Diabetes Teaching 357

Instructed patient about the importance of avoiding getting sick. Seasonal viruses such as common cold, flu and other illnesses may cause DM episodes to increase in frequency and severity.

Diabetes Teaching 358

Instructed patient to contact doctor if any of the following occur: an illness lasting one or two days without improvement; vomiting/diarrhea that continue longer than 6 hours, blood tests that continue to run higher that 240 after taking medications, S/S of high blood sugar.

Diabetes Teaching 359

Instructed patient to avoid alcohol consumption while taking DM medications as it may cause dangerous reactions.

Diabetes Teaching 360

Instructed patient on monitoring DM, for example: testing blood sugar levels at least 3 times a day.

Diabetes Teaching 361

Instructed patient to talk to MD regarding on how to drink alcohol safely, once in a while.

Diabetes Teaching 362

Instructed patient about diabetes complications such as frequent infections.

Diabetes Teaching 363

Instructed patient on how to identify the first signs of infections.

Diabetes Teaching 364

Instructed patient about the management of infections: bathing everyday with a mild soap and lukewarm water, applying lotion to keep skin moist, wearing gloves when working outside, always wearing shoes and treating injuries promptly by cleaning with soap and water.

Diabetes Teaching 365

Instructed patient about diabetes complications such as: heart attacks, stroke.