Diabetes Teaching 385

Instructed patient to call MD if he notices having trouble breathing, chest hurts, breath smells fruity or lips or tongue are dry and cracked.

Diabetes Teaching 386

Instructed patient about the importance of keeping BS levels as close to normal as possible.

Diabetes Teaching 388

Instructed patient about regular eye examination to detect early eye problems.

Diabetes Teaching 389

Instructed patient that insulin/oral diabetic agents are used to relief the symptoms and not to cure the disease.

Diabetes Teaching 390

Instructed patient about the importance of proper foot care. This includes wearing properly fitting shoes and socks, correct trimming of toenails, and avoidance of injuries on the legs and/or feet.

Diabetes Teaching 391

Instructed patient on the proper disposal of sharps. They will be disposed off in the container provided.

Diabetes Teaching 392

Instructed patient about the importance of site rotation at the time of the subcutaneous injection.

Diabetes Teaching 401

Instructed patient on Diabetes diagnosis, which occurs when the pancreas has partial or total lack of insulin production.

Diabetes Teaching 402

Instructed patient on S/S of hypoglycemia such as: cold sweat, shaking, blurred vision, faintness, hunger, headache, confused thinking and impatience. Instructed patient that if these S/S occur to take fast acting sugar, such as orange juice with sugar or glucose tablets.

Diabetes Teaching 403

Instructed patient on S/S of hyperglycemia such as: excessive urination, thirst, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain/cramps, weak-tired feeling, drowsiness, deep-rapid breathing, or fruity breath. If these S/S occur client S/O instructed to notify MD.