Diabetes Teaching 196

Instructed in accurate preparation of insulin syringes using aseptics techniques.

Diabetes Teaching 197

Instructed in site to use for subcutaneous injection, and the importance of rotating these sites.

Diabetes Teaching 198

Instructed in proper subcutaneous injection technique, using asepsis.

Diabetes Teaching 199

Instructed in use of home glucose monitor, to ensure accuracy of results.

Diabetes Teaching 200

Instructed in proper care and maintenance of home glucose monitor.

Diabetes Teaching 204

Instructed in diagnosis of Diabetes. This occurs when the pancreas has partial or total lack of insulin production.

Diabetes Teaching 205

Instructed in S/S of hypoglycemia, including cold sweat, shaking, blurred vision, faintness, hunger, headache, confused thinking and impatience. Instructed if these S/S occur to take fast acting sugar, such as orange juice with sugar or glucose tablets.

Diabetes Teaching 15

Instructed in storage and disposal of equipment: check expiration date, keep spare bottle in refrigerator, do not change brand, match syringe type.

Diabetes Teaching 72

Instructed in complications of diabetes such as frequent infections. Instructed to manage frequent infections, to learn to spot the first signs of infections and what to do about them, bathe every day with mild soap and lukewarm water. Lotion may be applied to keep skin moist. Wear gloves when working outside. Always wear shoes and treat injuies promptly by cleansing with soap and water.

Diabetes Teaching 73

Instructed in complication of diabetes such as heart attacks stroke and instructed in measures prevent it such as monitor your cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels, to follow prescribe exercise and diets, keep MD appoiment.