Fall precautions

Nursing Continuing Education

Fall precautions Teaching 440

Instructed patient about never walking around in stocking feet and consider sneakers and shoes with laces.

Fall precautions Teaching 441

Instructed about the importance to use an assistive device all the time, while walking and transfer, to prevent falls and possible fractures.

Fall precautions Teaching 442

Instructed patient not to pile up items on the floor, stairway or pathways between rooms.

Fall precautions Teaching 443

Instructed patient in measures to prevent falls using a cane support during ambulation and transfers.

Fall precautions Teaching 444

Caregiver instructed to place a slip-resistant rug on the floor next to the bathtub. This will ensure that the patient can get in and out of the bathtub safely without the risk of slipping or falling on the wet floor.

Fall precautions Teaching 218

Instructed patient to keep appliances cords out of areas where you walk.

Fall precautions Teaching 219

Instructed patient to place a night-light along the route between the bedroom and bathroom.