Fall precautions

Fall precautions Teaching 600

Patient was instructed on steps to prevent falls that might result in broken bones. Have the vision and hearing checked regularly, and wear slippers or shoes with a nonskid sole. Do exercises that improve balance and coordination. Limit alcohol use that clearly increases the risk of falling.

Fall precautions Teaching 601

Patient was instructed on Why Older People Fall. There are many reasons that older people have increased risk of falling. Prevention of falls starts with identifying potentially treatable medical conditions, such as: Side effects of medications, fainting spells, vertigo.

Fall precautions Teaching 602

Patient was instructed on other reasons Why Older People Fall such as: Lightheadedness with standing caused by postural hypotension (blood pressure that drops dramatically with standing), other forms of dizziness, persistent pain in any part of the leg.

Fall precautions Teaching 603

Patient was instructed on strategies that can significantly help decrease the risk of a fall such as: Good lighting throughout the home, especially in stairwells and hallways, Non-slip floors and rugs, Hand rails on stairs, next to the toilet and in the shower and bathtub.

Fall precautions Teaching 613

Patient was instructed on list of measures to prevent falls at home: If feel dizzy and lose the vision checked regularly. With poor vision condition patient may lose important cues that help to avoid objects and keep the balance.

Fall precautions Teaching 614

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls at home: Keep a cordless phone and a flash light with new batteries by the bed. Walk on the grass when the sidewalks are wet or slippery.

Fall precautions Teaching 615

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls when bathing. Install grab handles and nonskid mats inside and outside the shower/tub and near the toilet and sinks. Use shower chair and bath benches.

Fall precautions Teaching 616

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls when bathing. Get into the shower/tub by putting the weaker leg in first. Get out of the tub / shower with the strong side first. Use a long handle brush or mittens with straps to help with bathing.

Fall precautions Teaching 617

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent outdoor falls. Use a cane or walker as needed. Walk on grass when the sidewalks are slippery. Wear well fitting shoes. Wear glasses as prescribed.

Fall precautions Teaching 618

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls. Avoid throw rugs. Secure any loose handrails. Wear glasses if prescribed. Change positions slowly. Wear well-fitting shoes.