Fall precautions

Fall precautions Teaching 810

Patient was instructed on list of measures to prevent falls at home: If use a cane put rubber tips on it. Keep the house well lit especially stairways, porches and outside walkways. Use night lights in areas such as hallways and bathroom.

Fall precautions Teaching 811

Instructed patient to install light switches at both the top and bottom of stairways.

Fall precautions Teaching 813

Instructed patient in the importance to use the ambulatory aids to prevent accidental falls.

Fall precautions Teaching 822

Instructed on the importance of using adjunctive equipment (e.g., cane) as a measure aimed to reducing the risk of falls/injuries.

Fall precautions Teaching 584

Patient was instructed on other reasons Why Older People Fall such as: Impaired vision & for example, needing new glasses or having cataracts, Excess use of alcohol or sedatives.

Fall precautions Teaching 585

Patient was instructed on strategies that can significantly help decrease the risk of a fall such as: Skid-proof mats or strips in the shower and bathtub, Removal of furniture that can slip away if grabbed accidentally for support, supportive non-slip footwear and not walking in stocking feet.

Fall precautions Teaching 586

Patient was instructed on balance. With age, a combination of factors decreases balance. The nerve endings in our feet don't detect impulses as readily and the balance control centers in our brain and our ears operate more slowly. Age-related changes in vision and hearing, even when subtle, also contribute to the decline in balance.

Fall precautions Teaching 587

Patient instructed to breathe deeply five or six times after experiencing a fall. In the event of any injuries do not try to get up, call a family member immediately for assistance.

Fall precautions Teaching 588

Patient instructed that if after a fall he or she does not feel injured it is advisable to crawl to the nearest chair or strong piece of furniture to try to get up and call for help.

Fall precautions Teaching 599

Patient was instructed on measures to prevent falls at home during daily activities store household items on lower shelves so there is no need to climb or reach high. Or use a reaching device that you can buy at a medical supply store. To climb for something, use a step stool with handrails.