Fall precautions

Nursing Continuing Education

Fall precautions Teaching 431

Caregiver instructed to remove small area rugs and place non-slip treads on bare wood floors, steps and also at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent falls.

Fall precautions Teaching 432

Patient and caregiver instructed that in the event of a power outage flashlights and new batteries should be placed by their bedside.

Fall precautions Teaching 433

Patient and/or caregiver instructed to clean any spilled or splashed grease on the kitchen floor immediately to prevent accidents.

Fall precautions Teaching 434

Patient instructed to try to rotate his/her body to the side or sitting position in the event of a fall.

Fall precautions Teaching 435

Patient instructed never to stop a fall with his/her hands or elbows. Should a fall occur always maintain elbows, wrists and knees bent to prevent injuries.

Fall precautions Teaching 436

Patient instructed to breath deeply five or six times after experiencing a fall. In the event of any injuries do not try to get up, call 911 or a family member immediately for assistance.

Fall precautions Teaching 437

Patient instructed that if after a fall he or she doesn

Fall precautions Teaching 439

Instructed about good lighting is essential to prevent accidental falls.

Fall precautions Teaching 440

Instructed patient about never walking around in stocking feet and consider sneakers and shoes with laces.

Fall precautions Teaching 441

Instructed about the importance to use an assistive device all the time, while walking and transfer, to prevent falls and possible fractures.