Antibiotic Teaching 2272

Instructed patient/CG the importance of increasing consumption of foods high in Probiotics while on antibotic therapy.

Colostomy care Teaching 2254

Instructed patient assess bowel sounds in all 4 quadrants, assess effluent from ostomy. Empty pouch when 1/3-1/2 full, assess abdomen, report any abnormal findings immediately.

Ileostomy Teaching 2253

Instructed patient about the skin around your stoma should look like it did before surgery. The best way to protect their skin is by:
 using a bag or pouch with the correct size opening, so waste does not leak, taking good care of the skin around your stoma.

Ileostomy Teaching 2251

Instructed patient Be sure to treat any skin redness or skin changes right away, when the problem is still small. Do not 
allow the sore area to become larger or more irritated before asking your doctor about it.

Tracheostomy Teaching 2248

Instructed patient Contact your healthcare provider or physician immediately: ff you have an irregular heart rate, your fluids or using cool mist humidification. If you have any other problems or concerns. If you feel increased pain or discomfort.

PICC Line Teaching 2243

Instructed patient avoid any activities that cause mild pain in your arm. Talk to your healthcare team if you have concerns about pain or range of motion. Don't lift anything heavier than 10 pounds with the affected arm.

PICC Line Teaching 2242

Instructed patient drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps keep clots from forming. Instructed patient call your provider right away if coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath, a racing or irregular heartbeat, muscle stiffness or trouble moving tightness in your arm, above the catheter site.

PICC Line Teaching 2241

Instructed patient If the PICC gets damaged, it won't work right and could raise your chance of infection. Call your healthcare team right away if any damage occurs. To protect the PICC at home.

PICC Line Teaching 2237

Instructed patient / caregiver about cadd pump Practical advantages: Easily titrated, Facilitates patient control Reliable records of PRN dosing, may reduce nursing burden, Reduce risk of drug diversion.

PICC Line Teaching 2236

Instructed patient What are some of the benefits of the care wear PICC line cover. The PICC line cover is antimicrobial. It is machine washable and can be machine dried with the rest of the laundry. The PICC line cover has a unique mesh window that allows for air to get into the dressing which is required for the dressing to be fully functional.