General teaching Teaching 210

Instructed to elevate lower extremities whenever sitting or lying to promote venous return, thus decreasing/preventing edema.

General teaching Teaching 211

Instructed to post important telephone numbers, including MD, Home Health Agency, Friend/Relative and 911 for any emergency.

General teaching Teaching 212

Instructed in the necessity of having an emergency evacuation plan, and available community resources if required.

General teaching Teaching 213

Instructed in proper skin care, focusing on areas prone to abnormalities.

General teaching Teaching 214

Instructed in safe transfers, using proper body mechanics to avoid injury.

General teaching Teaching 215

Instructed in a safe, hazard free enviroment, to keep clear pathways, remove scatter rugs, and provide adequate lighting.

General teaching Teaching 216

Instructed to gradually increase activity as tolerated, taking rest periods to avoid overexertion.

General teaching Teaching 217

Instructed in safe ambulation, using assistive device as indicated to avoid injury.

General medication Teaching 1

Instructed to take all medications at the times indicated. Instructed to read the label and follow your health-care provider's instructions.

General medication Teaching 2

Instructed to keep medications in their original containers. Instructed to check the label before you take any medications.