General teaching Teaching 216

Instructed to gradually increase activity as tolerated, taking rest periods to avoid overexertion.

General teaching Teaching 217

Instructed in safe ambulation, using assistive device as indicated to avoid injury.

General medication Teaching 1

Instructed to take all medications at the times indicated. Instructed to read the label and follow your health-care provider's instructions.

General medication Teaching 2

Instructed to keep medications in their original containers. Instructed to check the label before you take any medications.

General medication Teaching 3

Instructed to call your health-care provider inmediately if you have unpleasant or unusual reactions to a medication.

General medication Teaching 4

Instructed to keep medications away from children.

General medication Teaching 5

Instructed to store medications properly. Instructed to read the label for storage instructions.

General medication Teaching 6

Instructed to don't stop taking your medication or change dosage without talking to your health-care provider, even if you're feeling better.

General medication Teaching 7

Instructed to don't take medications in the dark. Instructed to turn on the lights to avoid taking the wrong medication.

General medication Teaching 8

Instructed to don't transfer medications to others containers, unless your pharmacist ot health-care provider says it's ok.