Cholesterol Teaching 1253

Instructed in limit to three eggs per week.

Teaching 258

Instructed patient that he/she may not have to give up eating a slice of cake, but will have to eat a little less bread or potato at the next meal.

Teaching 259

Instructed patient to discuss the use of vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements with a doctor since they may interact with diabetic medication.

Teaching 260

Instructed patient about the importance of preventing dehydration when sick. This could be avoided drinking non-calorie liquids such as water and diet soft drinks in addition to the normal diet. Eat foods with high amounts of water like fruits and vegetables. Avoid drinks with alcohol. Patient verbalized understanding.

Teaching 261

Instructed patient to eat foods which are easy to digest such as crackers, soups, gelatin and apple sauce.

Teaching 262

Instructed patient about foods that can be used freely, such as tea or decaffeinated coffee, lime juice, spices, sour or dill pickles, raw vegetables, sugar free soft drinks, sugarless gum and others.

Teaching 263

Instructed patient about diabetes. Explained to him/her that having diabetes doesnt mean that he/she has to start eating special foods or following a complicated diet plan for diabetics.

Teaching 264

Instructed patient about diet plans for diabetics and how this diet translates into eating a variety of food in moderate amounts and following regular meal times.

Teaching 265

Instructed patient about how his/her body responds to the excess of calories and fat by creating an undesirable increase in blood sugar.

General information Teaching 456

Instructed patient to avoid the use of electrical appliances with non-insulated wiring.