Osteoarthritis Teaching 315

Instructed patient on how resting often, sleeping on a firm mattress, staying warm and applying heat to the affected joint can help ease symptoms. Adequate nutrition, including vitamin supplements is often advised.

Osteoarthritis Teaching 460

Instructed patient about how when suffering from osteoarthritis the weight-bearing larger joints, including those of the hips, knees, neck and lower spine are the most commonly affected. The small finger joints and hands can be involved too.

Osteoarthritis Teaching 61

Instructed in that Osteoarthritis is a degenerative noninflammatory joint disease and it can affect all mobile joints, especially weight-bearing joints.

Osteoarthritis Teaching 62

Instructed in signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis such as aching pain that increases with activity and is usually relieved with rest, stiffness upon rising, heberdens nodes, fatigue, decreased exercise tolerance, crepitus, restriction of joint movement and others.

Osteoarthritis Teaching 120

Instructed in factors that may increase the risk of osteoarthritis such as trauma, advancing age, poor body posture, genetic tendency, metabolic or endocrine abnormalities, and others.