Drainage care Teaching 2467

Instructed patient once you empty your drainage, clean your hands again and check the area around your insertion site for: tenderness, swelling, pus, warmth, more redness than usual. Sometimes the drain causes redness about the size of a dime at your insertion site and this is normal.

Urinary Tract Infection Teaching 2463

Instructed caregiver patient drink plenty of water, and relieve herself often. The simplest way to prevent a patient 's UTI is to flush bacteria out of her bladder and urinary tract before it can set in. If the patient have well-hydrated, it will be tough to go too long without urinating.

Mental Retardation Teaching 2449

Instructed caregiver about care Plan for patient with mental Retardation Education on Parents, Expected results children to function optimally the relevant level. Families and children are able to use coping with challenges due to disability. Families are able to obtain the resources community facilities. patient verbalized.

Mental Retardation Teaching 2448

Instructed caregiver about care Plan for patient with mental Retardation Education on Parents,Each stage of child development for ages. Support parental involvement in child care. Anticipatory guidance and management face a difficult child behavior. Inform existing educational facilities and groups. Caregiver verbalized.

Mental Retardation Teaching 2447

Instructed caregiver provide consistent care encourage children to do their own maintenance, difficult child behavior management, encourage children to socialize with the group, create a safe environment. Caregiver verbalized.

Mental Retardation Teaching 2446

Instructed caregiver provide consistent care. Increase communication verbal and tactile stimulation . Give simple instructions and repeat, give positive reinforcement on child outcomes. Caregiver verbalized.

Urostomy Teaching 2419

Instructed patient be sure to treat any skin redness or skin changes right away, when the problem is minor. DO NOT allow the problem area to become larger or more irritated before asking your provider about it.

Urostomy Teaching 2418

Instructed patient caring for your stoma and the skin around it is very important to prevent infection of your skin and kidneys.

PICC Line Teaching 2406

PICC line removal Education provided on site care following PICC line removal: positioning, keep dressing clean, dry and intact 24 hrs, do not lift over 5 lbs, report immediately S&S complications to on call RN: fever; chills;redness at site, swelling or purulent drainage at site, bruising or bleeding at site, increased shortness of breath.

Colostomy Teaching 2397

Instructed patient Things to know about your stoma include: Your stoma is the lining of your intestine, It will be pink or red, moist, and a little shiny. Stomas are most often round or oval, A stoma is very delicate.