Hurricane Teaching 223

Instructed patient and caregiver about nursing service procedures during a hurricane. Such services will be temporary suspended until event ceases. It is extremely important to know in advance if a friend, relative or any other person will be willing to take responsibility at the time of following treatment requirements.

Hurricane Teaching 224

Instructed patient that during a hurricane he/she should not be alone. Patient should go to a relative, family member or friend house until it is safe to return to his/her house. In the event that the patient has no family or friends he/she should go to the closest shelter for proper assistance.

Hurricane Teaching 225

Instructed patient about the importance of having basic hurricane supplies. Water, can food, yogurt, batteries, and corded phone should be at hand in case of hurricane ocurrence.

Hurricane Teaching 226

Instructed patient and caregiver about the proper insuline storage procedure in case of a hurricane. During power outages insulin should be kept in a recipient with ice. This will ensure it will be in good conditions, should it be needed.

Hurricane Teaching 227

Instructed patient not to go outside during hurricane conditions. If a safe place to stay is not available consider going to a shelter in advance.

Hurricane Teaching 228

Instructed patient to be informed (watch TV, listen to radio news) before, during, and after a hurricane. Use common sense.

Hurricane Teaching 229

Instructed patient not to go outside after a hurricane. Be sure weather conditions are safe in order to prevent accidents.

Hurricane Teaching 230

Instructed patient/ caregiver not to use the barbeque inside the house due to risk of intoxication.

Hurricane Teaching 231

Instructed patient not to use a generator inside the house, carbon monoxide poisoning may occur and it is usually fatal.