Tracheostomy Teaching 2246

Instructed patient caregiver clean technique includes tracheostomy care: hand washing, using gloves is optional, re-using a trach tube and/or inner cannula that has been properly cleaned, using prepared sterile water and normal saline, re-using the same trach ties if they are properly cleaned, re-using suction catheters if they are properly cleaned ( up to 8 hrs or 3/per day )

PICC Line Teaching 2244

Instructed patient as much as possible, use the arm with the PICC in it for normal daily activities. Lack of movement can lead to blood clots. So it's important to move your arm as you normally would. Your healthcare team may suggest light arm exercises. Avoid activities or exercises that require major use of your arm, such as sports, unless your healthcare provider says it's OK.

PICC Line Teaching 2232

Instructed patient do not take a bath in a bathtub. Cover the insertion site with clear, plastic wrap and tape to keep it dry before showering. Instructed patient avoid a lot of arm movement and coughing. Avoid lifting weight.

PICC Line Teaching 2231

Instructed patient call your health hare provider immediately if you have: pain, fever, a large amount of bright red bleeding and also if you have: warmth, redness, or swelling along the arm or PICC line insertion site. A tear or break in the PICC line catheter or tubing.

Peg Tube Teaching 2230

Instructed patient you may need to check your weight daily or weekly, Your healthcare provider may need to change your feeding if your weight changes too quickly. Instructed patient watched closely for any complications, such as an infection or bleeding.

Peg Tube Teaching 2229

Instructed patient check for redness, swelling, any drainage or excess skin growing around the tube. A small amount of clear tan drainage can be normal. Call your care team with any concerns. Instructed patient remove old dressing (if dressing is being used). Look at the area where the tube enters the skin

Peg Tube Teaching 2228

Instructed patent / CG wash skin around the tube with soap and warm water. Clean around G-tube to remove any drainage and / or crusting. Rinse soap off with clear water. Dry skin thoroughly. Keep this site clean and dry.

Urostomy Teaching 2204

Urostomy care Instructed patient When to Change the Pouch. Most urostomy pouches need to be changed 1 to 2 times a week. It is 
important to follow a schedule for changing your pouch. DO NOT wait until it leaks because urine leaks can harm your skin.

Colostomy care Teaching 2203

Ostomy care Instructed patient you may shower or bathe with your pouch on or off. Remember that your stoma may function during this 

Peg Tube Teaching 2194

Instructed patient f the blockage does not clear, clamp the tube for at least 5-15 minutes, allowing the warm water to soften
 the clog.