PICC Line Teaching 2236

Instructed patient What are some of the benefits of the care wear PICC line cover. The PICC line cover is antimicrobial. It is machine washable and can be machine dried with the rest of the laundry. The PICC line cover has a unique mesh window that allows for air to get into the dressing which is required for the dressing to be fully functional.

PICC Line Teaching 2235

Instructed patient what are some of the benefits of the care wear PICC line cover. The unique mesh window provides an innovative way to allow patients and caretakers to view the site and check for infection and leakage. The innovative designs . and colors allow for patients to get back to living their lives. Skilled nurse instructed care giver in medication management review and update medication schedule, specially new or changed medications (action side effects, adverse reactions) and complications.

PICC Line Teaching 2232

Instructed patient do not take a bath in a bathtub. Cover the insertion site with clear, plastic wrap and tape to keep it dry before showering. Instructed patient avoid a lot of arm movement and coughing. Avoid lifting weight.

PICC Line Teaching 2231

Instructed patient call your health hare provider immediately if you have: pain, fever, a large amount of bright red bleeding and also if you have: warmth, redness, or swelling along the arm or PICC line insertion site. A tear or break in the PICC line catheter or tubing.

PICC Line Teaching 2227

Instructed patient always clean your hands before and after you come in contact with any part of the PICC line. Your caregivers, family members, and any visitors should use good hand hygiene, too. Instructed patient keep the PICC dry. The catheter and dressing must stay dry.

PICC Line Teaching 2226

Instructed patient when showering, cover the area with plastic wrap or another cover as recommended by your healthcare provider. And keep the area out of the water spray. If the dressing does get wet, change it only if you have been shown how. Otherwise, call your healthcare team right away for help.

PICC Line Teaching 2225

Instructed patient avoid damage. Don’t use any sharp or pointy objects around the catheter. This includes scissors, pins, knives, razors, or anything else that could puncture or cut it. Also, don’t let anything pull or rub on the catheter, such as clothing

PICC Line Teaching 2224

Instructed patient watch for signs of problems. Pay attention to how much of the catheter sticks out from your skin. If this changes at all, let your healthcare provider know. Also watch for cracks, leaks, or other damage. And if the dressing becomes dirty, loose, or wet, change it (if you have been instructed to) or call your healthcare team right away.

PICC Line Teaching 1839

Instructed patient t is very important to prevent infection,which might require removal of the PICC line. The nurse will show you how to keep your supplies sterile, so no germs will enter the catheter and cause an infection.

PICC Line Teaching 1840

SN instructed patient if PICC line accidentally comes out place a sterile gauze pad on the site and press firmly until the bleeding has stopped ( 2 o 5 minutes ), after the bleeding stops, apply antibiotic ointment and a bandage snugly, then call your nurse or doctor