Colostomy Teaching 1706

SN instructed patient about constipation and diarrhea can still occur with a colostomy. Reasons why constipation may occur include certain medications, not drinking enough fluids or eating enough fiber, just like before you had a colostomy.

Colostomy Teaching 1707

Skilled nurse teaching how patient performed colostomy care , washed the stoma itself and the skin around the stoma with soft paper towels, mild soap and water. Measured the stoma, cut out the opening, removed the paper back and set it aside. Finally hold the punch with the sticky side toward your body. Center the opening on the stoma , then press firmly abdomen for 30 seconds.

Colostomy Teaching 1711

Skilled nurse teach patient's and describe each step of the procedure , encouraging participation in ostomy care,teach patient about a new stoma techniques to use for cleansing. No signs of symptoms of infections noted.

Colostomy Teaching 1712

Instructed patient call doctor if increase pain in the abdomen or the incision,fever, redness or drainage of the incision, irritation, or redness , or drainage of the incision, change bowel habits, such as:diarrhea, or constipation or skin irritation.

Colostomy Teaching 1713

Instructed patient call your doctor if it is does not get better when you treat it.If your stoma is leaking, your skin will get sore, be sure to treat any skin redness or skin changes right away, when the problem is still small. Do not allow the sore area to become larger or more irritated before asking your doctor about it, If your stoma becomes longer than usual (sticks out from the skin more), try a cold compress, like ice wrapped in a towel, to make it go in.

Colostomy Teaching 1714

Instructed patient Call your doctor if the skin around your stoma: Pulls back, Is red or raw, has a rash, is dry, hurts or burns, swells or pushes out.