Vital signs

Vital signs Teaching 2327

SN educated patient on the importance of daily vital sign monitoring. Due to patients disease processes it is important to monitor blood pressure, weight, pulse and oxygen daily if equipment is available. SN instructed patient to weigh correctly they need to wake up, pee and than weigh daily at the same time if possible, same amount of clothing, same area. Patient is to weigh prior to eating/drinking in the morning. Notify home health or PCP if -/+ 3 lbs in a day or +/-5 lbs in a week is seen. SN educated patient to monitor blood pressure and pulse, and instructed to check before medications and if elevated/low recheck in 1-2 hours. SN educated patient to always log vitals so patients MD has a larger snap shot on what is going on.Patient/CG verbalized understanding

Vital signs Teaching 2175

Sn instructed on monitoring vital signs blood pressure, temperature, oxygen and weight instructed on what equipment is needed and SN will instruct on equipment logging and reporting of vital signs. Sn instructed on importance in logging vital signs and monitoring if medication is working or change of condition. Sn will instruct patient after vitals are done on what to report to physician / nurse ( MD / SN ). Patient verbalized understanding.