Rom execises

Rom execises Teaching 1967

Why is it important to do active ROM exercises? ROM exercises are very important if you have been ill, injured, or must stay in bed or in a wheelchair. Active ROM exercises help build up or keep your muscles as strong as possible. They help keep your joints flexible ( bending and moving in the right way ). Doing ROM exercises will help keep good blood flow going to the joint area that is being exercised. They may help prevent blood clots. Exercising is natural and needed for the body to stay well. Your heart pumps stronger and easier when you exercise regularly. You also breathe quicker and more often while exercising. This helps prevent infections that happen if you do not breathe or cough deeply enough. With your heart and lungs working stronger, more blood gets to the muscles, bones, and skin. Increasing blood flow brings more oxygen and other good things to your body tissues and organs. Walking and other exercises help make your BMs and urine more regular. Exercising can also make you feel better, more relaxed, and happier.