Peg Tube

Peg Tube Teaching 2499

Instructed caregiver keep the patient's skin around her PEG tube dry. This will help prevent skin irritation and infection. Caregiver verbalized understanding.

Peg Tube Teaching 2281

SN to instruct patient Keep the site covered when you shower. Tape a piece of clear adhesive plastic over the dressing to keep it dry while you shower. Do not take tub baths.

Peg Tube Teaching 2280

SN to instruct patient change the bandage around the tube, the bolsters, skin barriers, and tube attachments at least every 7 days. If your bandages, barriers, or devices get dirty or wet, change them right away, and as often as needed.

Peg Tube Teaching 2279

SN to instruct patient Call your doctor or nurse call line now or seek immediate medical care if: you have new or worse symptoms of a kidney infection. These may include: pain or burning when you urinate, a frequent need to urinate without being able to pass much urine, pain in the flank, which is just below the rib cage and above the waist on either side of the back, blood in the urine.

Peg Tube Teaching 2278

Instructed patient While the stoma site heals, clean around the stoma site daily. Follow these steps: Allow skin to dry. 2-Instructed patient While the stoma site heals, clean around the stoma site daily. Follow these steps:Observe your stoma site daily for redness, pain
 , swelling, or unusual drainage around the tube. If you notice any of these signs, call your doctor 3-Instructed patient If you cannot unclog your tube, call your doctor. It is important not to miss your prescribed liquid food and water.

Peg Tube Teaching 2234

Instructed patient for the first 4-6 weeks after placement of a new PEG, bath water should not be so deep that the tube is 
under the water. Shower water should fall on your back only. For a balloon, low profile, or older PEG tube you can take a 
bath or shower as you normally do. Instructed patient call nurse or doctor if your body changes: your skin around tube has signs of infection: redness, warm to touch, firm to touch , tender.

Peg Tube Teaching 2233

instructed patient call nurse or doctor if your body changes: Nausea or vomiting that does not go away, constipation with no bowel movement for 3 days. Diarrhea of more than 6 loose stools a day, stomach becomes bloated or swollen and tight, a stomach residual more than the amount your doctor has set for you.

Peg Tube Teaching 2230

Instructed patient you may need to check your weight daily or weekly, Your healthcare provider may need to change your feeding if your weight changes too quickly. Instructed patient watched closely for any complications, such as an infection or bleeding.

Peg Tube Teaching 2229

Instructed patient check for redness, swelling, any drainage or excess skin growing around the tube. A small amount of clear tan drainage can be normal. Call your care team with any concerns. Instructed patient remove old dressing (if dressing is being used). Look at the area where the tube enters the skin

Peg Tube Teaching 2228

Instructed patent / CG wash skin around the tube with soap and warm water. Clean around G-tube to remove any drainage and / or crusting. Rinse soap off with clear water. Dry skin thoroughly. Keep this site clean and dry.