Oxygen Teaching 1615
SN instructed patient about oxygen use precautions: Oxygen is a safe gas as long as it is used properly. Do not store your oxygen system near any heat sources or open flames. Do not smoke or allow others to smoke in the same room as your oxygen system, sparks from a cigarette could cause facial burns. Post “No Smoking” signs in the room where your oxygen is kept.
Oxygen Teaching 250
Instructed patient about factors that can affect BS such as foods, exercises, illness, stress, quantity of insulin, and when and where insulin is administered.
Oxygen Teaching 249
Instructed patient not to use more than 50 feet of tubing between the oxygen source and the patient. Do not place oxygen tanks within 1/2 feet of windows/doors or items.
Oxygen Teaching 248
Instructed patient not to have open flames, such as pilot lights of gas stoves or water heaters, within 12 feet of any oxygen equipment.
Oxygen Teaching 246
Instructed patient about the importance of injecting insulin not exactly in the same place each time, but move around in the same area so the insulin reaches the blood with the same speed with each shot.
Oxygen Teaching 245
Instructed patient to avoid the use of electrical equipment, such as, electric beds, heating pads or electric razors.
Oxygen Teaching 247
Instructed patient that insulin shots work the fastest when given in the abdomen.
Oxygen Teaching 60
Instructed in S/E of oxygen therapy such as respiratory depression, collapse lung, irritation of airway mucosa, oxygen toxicity, local skin irritation.
Oxygen Teaching 59
Instructed in state safety tips necessary for oxygen therapy: - Place no-smoking signs to warn the dangers of smoking. - Keep oxygen away from open flames, heat, gas sloves, hot pipes, radiators, etc. - Equip home with a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm. - Avoid use of electrical equipment such as electric beds, heating pads or electric razors. - Avoid using flammable products such as body lotion, face creams, rubbing, alcohol, etc. - Avoid using aerosol sprays.
Oxygen Teaching 58
Instructed in that "oxygen therapy" is the administration of oxygen at a higher concentration than what is found in the environment. It can be given via cannula, mask catheter, etc. Oxygen must be ordered by a MD and administered exactly as prescribed.