Nephrectomy Teaching 1483

The patient was instructed in nephrectomy on caring for the incision and changing dressing. The patient was advised to wash hands, examine the incision, clean the part with Betadine, cover the incision with sterile gauze, if there are not drainage leave the place open to the air. The patient was taught how to care for nephrostomy tube.

Nephrectomy Teaching 1787

Instructed patient Wipe the connecting ends of the drainage bag with alcohol or iodine before you reconnect the bag to the tube. This helps prevent infection. Instructed patient check the catheter to be sure it is in place after you change your clothes or do other activities. Do not wear tight clothing over the tube. Place the tubing over your thigh rather than under it when you are sitting down. Be sure that nothing is pulling on the nephrostomy tube when you move around.