Midline Teaching 1814

Instructed patient about Midline activities to avoid do not lift heavy items or do very hard
 exercise, such as shoveling. Do not use sharp objects near the catheter to avoid cutting or damaging it. Remind caregivers 
not to check your blood pressure or give needles in the arm where the catheter is placed.

Midline Teaching 1815

Instructed patient in medications Vancomycin and
 Cefepime treats bacterial infections. Instructed patient about Midline activities to avoid Bathing: Caregivers may tell you to 
take showers rather than baths to help prevent infection. When bathing, keep the area where the catheter is inserted covered
 and sealed with plastic wrap. This will keep the area of skin and the bandage dry, and help prevent an infection.

Midline Teaching 1816

Instructed patient what should you know about 
caring for your midline catheter: Hand washing: Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching the catheter 
or the area around it. Washing your hands will help prevent infection.