Medications precautions

Medications precautions Teaching 2472

SN instructed patient and caregiver that Diazepam can be habit-forming, so it's not typically used for long-term treatment or for people who've had problems with drug or alcohol abuse. This high risk benzodiazepine should never be taken more frequently or in higher doses than prescribed due to risk of overdose. S/s overdose include dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, lethargy and respiratory depression and even death in severe cases, especially when combined with EtOH or opiates. Patient and caregiver state they will only administer this medication as prescribed.

Medications precautions Teaching 2114

SN instructed patient about medication safety. Keep medicines in one place. Don't waste time searching the house for pills. Keep them together in a single location provided by SN. Explained to never remove the label from the bottle. Always keep medicine container tightly closed. Informed to do not mix different medicine into the same bottle to prevent taking the wrong medicine by accident.

Medications precautions Teaching 1648

Instructed patient a clean, dry work area should be identified to complete medication preparations and perform dressing changes.

Medications precautions Teaching 1650

SN instructed patient / caregiver that the more you know about any medication you use, the better it is as they can be sure they're using it properly. There are simple safety measures when taking any medication like take each medication exactly as it has been prescribed, make sure that all your doctors know about all your medications, and let your doctors know about any other over the counter (OTC) medications, vitamins and supplements, or herbs that you use as well as any allergies to any medication.

Medications precautions Teaching 1696

SN instructed patient and/or caregiver on importance to follow medication regimen exactly as ordered by Md without skipping any doses, nor sharing with others.

Medications precautions Teaching 589

Patient was instructed on list of precautions regarding medications: Keep each drug in its original, labeled container. Make sure labels are legible. Read labels carefully and follow all instructions.

Medications precautions Teaching 590

Patient was instructed on list of precautions regarding medications: Always finish a prescribed drug unless otherwise instructed by doctor or nurse. Never save a medication for a future illness.

Medications precautions Teaching 591

Patient was instructed on list of precautions regarding medications: Dispose of discarded medications in a sink or toilet. Never place medications in the trash within the reach of children. Store safely. Refrigerate drugs that require it.

Medications precautions Teaching 592

Patient was instructed on precautions regarding medications list Always check expirations date on medications. Take exactly as ordered. Do not take any one else prescription. Never give a family member or friend a drug prescribed for another person.

Medications precautions Teaching 593

Patient was instructed on list of precautions regarding medications: Herbal and vitamins supplements and over the counter medications can affect certain medications. Always ask the doctor or nurse about supplements before taking them.