Mastectomy Teaching 1850

Patient with bilateral mastectomy with strips with moderate serosanguineous drainage, and two Jackson-pratt skilled nurse performed JP Drain Care , the JP drain removes fluids by creating suction in the tube. JP#1 drain 30 ml and JP#2 drain 25 Ml serosanguineous drainage .The bulb is squeezed flat and connected to the tube that sticks out of your body. The bulb expands as it fills with fluid.

Mastectomy Teaching 1391

The patient was instructed in the breast surgery that if the axillary nodes are removed, the affected arm may inflate and is less able to fight infection. The patient was advised on daily arm exercises. The patient was taught to change dressing, evaluate appearance of the incision and drain site. The patient was encouraged not to abduct the affected arm or raise the arm or elbow above the shoulder until drains are removed. The patient was instructed to avoid use of deodorants, to avoid wearing constricting clothing or jewelry on the affected arm and to carry her handbag on the unaffected arm.