HIV Teaching 1792

Instructed patient exercise regularly to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life. Take steps to help prevent HIV-related fatigue. SN instructed patient don't smoke. People with HIV are more likely to have a heart attack or get lung cancer. Cigarette smoking can raise these risks even more.

HIV Teaching 1739

Instructed patient it's very important for you to take your HIV medicines exactly as directed. Not taking medications correctly may lower the level of immune system defenders called CD4 cells and cause the level of virus in your blood (viral load) to go up.

HIV Teaching 1791

Instructed patient eat a healthy, balanced diet to keep your immune system strong. Heart-healthy eating can help prevent some of the problems, such as high cholesterol, that can be caused by treatment for HIV. Instructed patient how to deal with the weight loss that HIV infection can cause. Learn how to handle food properly to avoid getting food poisoning.