Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Teaching 2310

Instructed patient on hip precautions after a hip replacement. Hip precautions are various maneuvers a patient who has undergone a hip replacement needs to avoid. Hip precautions include: Do not cross your legs, do not bend our legs up beyond 90 degrees, do not sit on sofas or in low chairs, do not sleep on your side.

Hip Replacement Teaching 1459

The patient was instructed in hip replacement to get self-help devices to limit hip bending, elevated toilet seat, bath seat, and long-handled grippers. The patient was reviewed to evade putting extra weight on the hip and should use a walker, then crutched and then a cane until totally recuperated. The patient was instructed the importance of joining in physical therapy to recover muscle strength and guarantee adequate upper extremity strength for ambulating with a walker, crutches, or cane. The patient was advised to limit activities to evade loosening or displacing the prosthesis.