Hepatitis Teaching 1517

The patient was instructed in hepatitis viral to wash hands meticulously after toileting. The families of the patient were reviewed to wear gloves if interaction with feces. The patient was instructed not to make food for others during the symptomatic time of the illness. The patient was recommended not to share stuffs, like eating utensils, razors, toothbrushes, toys, needles. The patient was advised to use an electric razor and soft-bristled toothbrush to help prevent bleeding. The families of the patient were reviewed for injection of gamma globulin. The patient was taught to exercise blood and body fluid protections until is free of the disease. The patient was advised to handle scratches and slashes carefully. The patient was encouraged to provide separate bed and bathroom. The patient was advised to evade using alkaline soaps and to use mild soaps. The patient was advised to save the skin moist with soothing ointments.

Hepatitis Teaching 1774

SN instructed patient and caregiver on Hepatitis C which in an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver and leads to inflammation. Sympotms of hepatitis such as fatigue, nausea or poor appetite. Riks factors and complications of Hepatitis C such as liver cancer and liver failure.

Hepatitis Teaching 1775

SN to instruct patient on lifestyle and home remedies like stopping alcohol driving if applicable, avoiding medication that may cause liver damage, help prevent other from coming in contact with infected blood. SN to instruct patient and caregiver on emergency preparedness and when to notify the doctor with new symptoms and/or concerns.