Fixator Devices

Fixator Devices Teaching 1438

The patient was instructed in fixator devices external fixator on pin and fixator care, wash fixator with sterile water and cover each pin head with plug or rubber tip to prevent injury. The patient who has gone through external fixation was reviewed in stress the need to increase movements and weight manner slowly to reduce tenderness and to permit muscles to recover strength. The patient was advised do not use the external fixator as a handle or support for the extremity but to support the extremity with pillows, two hands, or a sling to prevent excessive stress on the pins. The patient was advised to elevate the extremity when sitting or lying down. The patient was recommended of not changing or adjusting the fixator’s bars, since this can cause misalignment. The patient was explained that showering is permitted but that swimming should be evaded because chlorine and salt can corrode metal.