Enucleation Teaching 1437

The patient was instructed in enucleation explaining the importance of not rubbing, touching, or bounding the orbit or wearing eye makeup. The patient was taught in cleaning the lid and shows how to remove drainage by gently sweeping the cotton ball from the inner to the outer. The patient was instructed in the care of the eye socket how insert and remove if used. The patient was advised to wear an eye protection or patch to keep the socket clean until the prosthesis is fixed. The patient was instructed the need to protect the vision in the lasting eye. The patient was advised in the importance of good handwashing before managing ophthalmic medications. The patient was advised that with the loss of one eye, the field of vision is limited and profundity perception changes need to overstress head movements to achieve a full visual field. The patient was advised using caution during activities until patient adjusts to the loss.