Discharge Teaching 2333

Discharge planning initiated on today's visit. Reviewed with patient /PCG s/s of disease exacerbation that need to be reported to health care providers including steps on what to do in an event of an emergency. Medication pill box set up checked and emphasized the importance of timely refill of medications to prevent missing or skipping doses, pain management, continue following prescribed diet regimen. Re-instructed on infection control measures and practicing standard precautions, most importantly, frequent proper hand washing to prevent disease complications.

Discharge Teaching 1716

Patient and caregiver taught on discharge planning, to follow up with PCP with any new changes, to continue with care as instructed and/or taught by nurse.

Discharge Teaching 106

Instructed in D/C planning. Instructed to keep MD appointments, take medication exactly as MD ordered and report any S/E and/or S/S to avoid further complications.