Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 1606

Instructed the patient/caregiver on important foot care: inspect feet daily, report any foot problems to MD or Podiatrist, wash feet daily with warm soap and water and pat dry especially between toes, clip nails straight across and gently file with an emery board, wear shoes that support and fit properly, wear socks that are clean and fit properly, avoid going barefooted, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, and avoid tobacco

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 332

Instructed patient about not using OTC chemicals on corns, calluses or warts since they are often too strong to use in diabetics.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 333

Instructed patient to avoid cutting corn or calluses.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 334

Instructed patient to wear flat; comfortable walking shoes as much as possible and select adequate socks.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 335

Instructed patient on never walking barefoot to prevent cuts and burns and also to wear sleepers at night when getting up.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 336

Instructed patient to cut the toenails straight across and file the edges, don't rip off hangnails.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 349

Instructed patient about basic tips to help prevent infections in people with diabetes: wear shoes or slippers at all times, wear comfortable shoes; get used to new shoes slowly and always wear 'heavy' soft cotton socks.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 350

Instructed patient to keep feet dry, especially between toes, to use lotion to keep skin soft and moist and to keep feet clean. Wash daily with lukewarm water.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 351

Instructed patient to cut toenails straight across. This will help to avoid ingrown toenails. Also instructed to avoid letting somebody else to cut the toenails.

Diabetic Foot Care Teaching 352

Instructed patient to never go barefoot or wear thigh garters. Do not wear thigh worn boots for long periods of times. Never let feet get dry and cracked, severe infections may develop. Do not use hot water pads, iodine, hot water bottles or rubbing alcohol. Never use razors, knives or corn remedies.