Craniectomy Teaching 1406

The patient was instructed in craniectomy in proper wound management and dressing changes, procedure, frequency of dressing change, and inspection of incision with each dressing change. The patient was advised to avoid scratching sutures and to keep the incision dry. The patient was advised that hair may be shampooed when the sutures are removed but to avoid scrubbing around the suture line. The patient was recommended to avoid using hair dryer until the hair grows back. The patient was taught to avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures of the lower extremities because of possible sensory nerve loss. The patient was instructed to avoid straining during defecation and to avoid constipation through the use of prescribed stool softeners and laxatives. The patient was advised to avoid coughing, sneezing, and nose blowing; if inevitable they must be done with an open mouth to control intracranial pressure.