Cast care

Cast care Teaching 2001

SN instructed that keeping your regular cast dry is very important! There are no devices that are 100% effective in keeping any cast dry. Sponge baths are the safest way to keep the cast dry. If you have to take a bath or shower, please follow these instructions: place a towel or washcloth around the upper portion of the cast. Cover the entire cast with 2 plastic bags ( use two in case one has a leak, secure the bag at the top with tape or a rubber band, if the cast gets moist, dry the top or bottom of the cast using a blow dryer. Use only the cool or low setting, if the cast is soaked all the way through, it needs to be changed ( call doctor office )

Cast care Teaching 1291

SN advised patient to call doctor immediately if any of the following happen: The cast gets wet, damaged, or breaks, skin or nails on the toes below the cast become discolored, such as blue or gray, skin, or toes below the cast are numb, tingling, or cold, the swelling is more than before the cast was put on, bleeding, drainage, or bad smells come from the cast, and severe or new pain occurs. Patient verbalized understanding of instructions given.

Cast care Teaching 1729

SN instructed patient about cast care: keep the cast clean and avoid getting dirt or sand inside the cast. Do not apply powder or lotion on or near the cast. Cover the cast when eating, do not place anything inside the cast, even for itchy areas. Sticking items inside the cast can injure the skin and lead to infection. Using a hair dryer on the cool setting may help soothe itching, do not pull the padding out from inside your cast.