Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Teaching 1414

The patient was instructed in carpal tunnel release on care of the hands and dressings, to keep the arm and hand elevated above heart level to reduce swelling and healing. The patient was reviewed to check the dressing daily for signs of bleeding or drainage, when bathing are permitted the patient should be shower with the dressing covered by a plastic bag. The patient was recommended to follow prescribed exercises to maintain circulation and improve range of motion such as sponge squeezing.

Carpal Tunnel Teaching 1415

The patient was instructed in carpal tunnel syndrome to avoid activities that increase stress on inflamed tissues, grasping and gripping action of hand and wrist, to keep the wrist in neutral position, to avoid the wrist in a bent flexed, twisted, turned position, and to minimize repetitive movements, including holding an object for extended periods of time. The patient was advised to wear a wrist splint to help keep the wrist in neutral position. The patient was taught on range-of-motion exercises and their importance for strengths of muscles.