Bleeding Precautions

Bleeding Precautions Teaching 2290

Patient instructed on risk for internal bleeding R/T taking Warfarin. Any s/s of an internal bleed include: abdominal pain, black, tarry or bright red stool, coffee ground emesis, coughing up blood, unusual dark purple large bruising, & bloody urine. Patient should to seek immediate medical attention if any of these occur.

Bleeding Precautions Teaching 1619

Avoid any head, chest or abdominal trauma, to avoid any falls, to avoid sharp objects such as razor, scissors, and nail clippers. You may carefully use an electric razor. Blow your nose gently and avoid forceful blowing of the nose. Do not take rectal temperature. Do not strain for bowel movements. Consider using stool softeners or laxatives if you are straining during bowel movements. Do not use any rectal suppositories or enemas. Avoid tight clothing such as girdles and tight undergarments or pants.