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Teachings for Nurses & Patients

Diabetes Teaching 392

Instructed patient about the importance of site rotation at the time of the subcutaneous injection.

Fall precautions Teaching 440

Instructed patient about never walking around in stocking feet and consider sneakers and shoes with laces.

Pain Management Teaching 659

Patient instructed to contact primary physician if current pain treatment stops working or pain begins to get worse over time.

Hyperglycemia Teaching 747

Patient was instructed on Hyperglycemia. Diabetes is currently a chronic disease with no cure. There is an exceptionally important role for patient education, diabetic support, self monitoring of blood glucose with the goal of keeping it within acceptable bounds.

Teaching 873

Taught that Fosamax is to be taken by mouth, with a full glass (6-8 oz/180-240 ml) of plain water.

Gout Teaching 1450

The patient was instructed in gout the importance to rise fluid drinking and evade high-purine foods. The patient was advised to rest with elevation of the affected joint with pillows, ice applications to irritated joints. The patient was taught in range-of-motion exercises of joints. The patient was reviewed that gout cannot be cured but can be measured with medication.

Wound Care Teaching 1807

Instructed caregiver reducing additional risk factors, such as , high cholesterol, and elevated blood glucose, are important in prevention and treatment of a diabetic foot ulcer. Wearing the appropriate shoes and socks will go a long way in reducing risks. the patient podiatrist can provide guidance in selecting the proper shoes.

VAC Teaching 1827

Instructed patient about vacuum assisted closure ( VAC ) therapy help provide the necessary mechanisms to promote granulation tissue formation.

Colostomy Teaching 1872

Instructed patient when you have a stoma that drains urine or loose stool you may want to consider using an extended wear skin barrier because it will give your skin added protection. Itching or burning under the skin barrier may indicate that you have leakage, a skin rash, or a skin infection. You need to remove your pouching system as soon as possible to check your skin for any irritation.

Healthy diet Teaching 1941

SN instructed patient that the no concentrated sweets (NCS) diet is designed to limit the total sugar in the diet to achieve and maintain near normal blood sugar levels. Foods that should be avoided includes sugar, regular syrup, molasses, and regular jam and jelly, candy, pie, cake, cookies, doughnuts, etc.