Catheter Teaching 1563

Skilled nurse assess patient for S/S of complication related to diagnostic.
 Instructed caregiver about your Foley catheter daily Care: Keep the skin and catheter 
clean. Clean the skin around your catheter at least once each day. Clean the skin area and 
catheter after every bowel movement. Call the patient MD if: you cannot get the catheter to 
drain urine into the bag, the catheter comes out or it is leaking, the urine is thick and 
cloudy. Your urine has mucus, red specks, or blood in it. Urine with blood in it may appear
pink or red. the urine has a strong (bad) smell, No urine has drained from the catheter in 6 to 
8 hours, have pain or burning in your urethra, bladder, abdomen, or lower back, have shaking 
chills or your temperature is over 101° F (38.3° C).