General teaching Teaching 215

Instructed in a safe, hazard free enviroment, to keep clear pathways, remove scatter rugs, and provide adequate lighting.

Other teachings

  • Medication profile reviewed and reconciled. SN reviewed and instructed patient on medication...Read more
  • Instructed in calling to MD and notify any symptoms.Read more
  • Instructed in home ambulation with cane, clear pathways, falls precautions, good lighting, non skid...Read more
  • Instructed to use Biohazardous waste/sharps containers provided by Home Health Agency.Read more
  • Instructed to discard all outdated medications.Read more
  • Instructed in the importance of addressing Advance Directives to ensure compliance with client's...Read more
  • Instructed in the importance of follow-up visits to MD.Read more
  • Instructed to follow therapeutic diet, including adequate fluid intake to ensure proper nutrition...Read more
  • Instructed in complicated medication regime, with written medication schedule provided.Read more
  • Instructed in deep breathing exercises to promote lung expansion and prevent pulmonary congestion.Read more