Frostbite Teaching 1441

The patient was instructed in frostbite indicating the application of dry, sterile dressings to small, open areas. The patient was advised the importance of protecting the extremity from temperature extremes and rapid changes in temperature because the tissue is delicate to temperature changes and refreezing causes tissue damage. The patient was explained to elude fitted, constrictive clothing or pressure to an area that might cut circulation. The patient was recommended defensive procedures to avoid future incidents or reinjury of the frostbitten part, protective, multilayered, warm, nonconstrictive clothing avoiding of cold temperatures, exhaustion, and malnutrition. The patient was advised that there may be long-term remaining effects, increased sensitivity to cold, burning and itchy, and increasing sweating. The patient was explained that lower extremities are affected, to avoid weight bearing and offer instruction in the use of ambulatory aids. The patient was taught in the importance of elevating the affected extremity. The patient was advised in range-of-motion exercises to prevent contractures.