Instructed caregiver vacuum assisted closure (VAC) Therapy is intended to manage the environment of surgical incisions that continue to drain following sutured or stapled closure by maintaining a closed environment and removing exudates via the application of negative pressure wound therapy.
Instructed patient about vacuum assisted closure ( VAC ) therapy helps draw wound edges together, remove infectious materials and actively promote granulation.
Instructed patient about vacuum assisted closure ( VAC ) therapy as it promotes wound healing through negative pressure wound therapy.
SN put on non-sterile gloves. Remove old dressing. Remove gloves and place them in the trash bag, Wash hands and put on a clean pair of gloves. SN cleaned wound with NS solution using gauze pads, checked wound for signs of infection. Then opened new foam sponge dressing, cut it to size, and place it in the wound. Open the drape package. Cut the drape to the size needed. Place the drape over the wound site. Smooth the drape as you stick it around the wound to prevent any wrinkle that may leak. Connect the tubing to the sponge dressing and the tubing to the pump unit. Open the clamp on the tubing. Turn on the VAC pump. Listen and watch for leaks.