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Osteoporosis Teaching 525
Patient was instructed on Osteoporosis. Take steps to prevent falls that might result in broken bones. Have the vision and hearing checked regularly, and wear slippers or shoes with a nonskid sole. Do exercises that improve balance and coordination. Limit alcohol use that clearly increases the risk of falling.
Fall precautions Teaching 440
Instructed patient about never walking around in stocking feet and consider sneakers and shoes with laces.
Colostomy Teaching 1654
SN instructed patient and family on how to change the colostomy bag. Patient also educated on to drink more water and fruit juices, up to six to eight glasses per day. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, as well as fibrous foods such as whole-grain breads and cereals to prevent constipation
Osteoarthritis Teaching 1171
Taught that following good body mechanics is a measure aimed to preventing/controlling Osteoarthritis.
PICC Line Teaching 1636
Instructed patient / caregiver the arm with the PICC line must not be babied. Normal use, in fact increases blood circulation in that arm.
Catheter Teaching 1557
Instructed patient about your Foley catheter daily Care: Keep your skin and catheter 
clean. Clean the skin around your catheter at least once each day. Clean your skin area and 
catheter after every bowel movement. Always keep your urine bag below the level of your bladder.
Keeping the bag below this level will prevent urine from flowing back into your bladder from 
the tubing and urine bag. Back flow of urine can cause an infection. These will help prevent a
 bladder or kidney infection and will keep you more.
Colostomy Teaching 1687
Skilled nurse teaching how patient performed colostomy care , washed the stoma itself and the skin around the stoma with soft paper towels, mild soap and water. Measured the stoma, cut out the opening, removed the paper back and set it aside. Finally hold the punch with the sticky side toward your body. Center the opening on the stoma , then press firmly abdomen for 30 seconds.
Hyperglycemia Teaching 771
Patient was instructed on symptoms of hyperglycemia. Excessive hunger. inappropriate hunger or over eating. Excessive eating is called "polyphagia" (or hyperphagia) and can cause an increase in the appetite and excessive hunger for food.
Polycystic Kidney Disease Teaching 1505
The patient was instructed in polycystic kidney disease in the need of stopping urinary zone infections. The patient was advised to rise fluid intake. The patient was taught in good perineal area care after urination and defecation. The patient was reviewed in proceeds, monitor, and record blood pressure.
Osteoporosis Teaching 1122
Instructed on some signs/symptoms of Osteoporosis, such as: loss of height and decreased density of bones, among others.