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Colostomy Teaching 1314
SN instructed patient to should eat three or more times a day. Small frequent meals may be better tolerated and produce less gas.
Discharge Teaching 1716
Patient and caregiver taught on discharge planning, to follow up with PCP with any new changes, to continue with care as instructed and/or taught by nurse.
Bowel Obstruction Teaching 1388
The patient was instructed in the bowel obstruction and resection with anastomosis in the proper wound management and dressing changes. The patient was advised where to obtain appropriate supplies such as sterile dressings. The patient was encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, avoid to drink carbonated beverages and gas producing foods
Heart Surgery Teaching 1892
Instructed patient common post-operative guidelines following minimally invasive heart valve surgery include the following: you will be encouraged to cough and deep breathe. You may be given a spirometer, a device for breathing exercises to keep fluid out of your lung, once all your tubes have been removed, you will be encouraged to shower daily and wash your incision with a mild soap to prevent infection.
Respiratory infection Teaching 501
Patient was instructed on the difference between a cold and the flu. With a cold, there is normally no fever so one of the first things to do is take the temperature. If the thermometer registers between 102-104, suspect the flu.
Cardiac Teaching 808
Instructed to store NTG in cool, dark place, in tightly closed container. To assure freshness replace supply of sublingual tablets every 3 months.
Systemic Teaching 1475
The patient was instructed in lupus erythematosus systemic the importance of skin care consuming only no allergenic skin and hair care products. The patient was advised to evade sun contact and ultraviolet lights. The patient was recommended to evade infections by staying away from large masses and persons identified to have active infections. The patient was advised the need for careful oral care.
Osteoarthritis Teaching 1193
Instructed on some factors that may increase the risk of developing/exacerbating Osteoarthritis, such as: advancing age, poor body posture and metabolic or endocrine abnormalities, among others.
Mastectomy Teaching 1391
The patient was instructed in the breast surgery that if the axillary nodes are removed, the affected arm may inflate and is less able to fight infection. The patient was advised on daily arm exercises. The patient was taught to change dressing, evaluate appearance of the incision and drain site. The patient was encouraged not to abduct the affected arm or raise the arm or elbow above the shoulder until drains are removed. The patient was instructed to avoid use of deodorants, to avoid wearing constricting clothing or jewelry on the affected arm and to carry her handbag on the unaffected arm.
Insulin Teaching 1804
Patient was instructed about another reason to get your blood sugar levels under control and keep them that way doing so can help you avoid many diabetes skin problems, still, skin conditions related to this disease are common. As many as 1 out of 3 people with diabetes will have one. Fortunately, most can be or successfully treated before they turn into a serious problem.