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Infection Teaching 331
Instructed patient about skin infection signs, such as redness, skin breakdown, discharge, and blisters with purulent exudates. Contact MD immediately if any of these symptoms appear.
Torn Knee Cartilage Teaching 1538
The patient was instructed in torn knee cartilage/meniscectomy in the need to take shower with bactericidal soap. The patient was instructed that knee restoration is typically done on an outpatient basis but that more extensive repair may require a 1- to 2 day hospital stay. The patient was reviewed in the use of a hinged knee brace or knee immobilizer. The patient was recommended in the importance of the bandage applied to the knee and high support hose. The patient was encouraged in the importance of elevating the operational leg and applying ice bags to the working site to relieve inflammation.
Cardiac Teaching 1866
Instructed patient Eat a heart-healthy diet Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease. A diet rich in fruits,
 vegetables and whole grains can help protect your heart. Beans, other low-fat sources of protein and certain types of fish 
also can reduce your risk of heart disease. Stop your activity if you feel short of breath, dizzy, or have any pain in your chest. Do not do any activity
 or exercise that causes pulling or pain across your chest, (such as using a rowing machine, twisting, or lifting weights.
Procardia Teaching 807
Instructed in use of Procardia to control chest pain and high blood pressure.
Emphysema Teaching 1078
Instructed on some factors that may increase the risk of developing/exacerbating Emphysema, such as: advanced age and continual exposure to harmful irritants (e.g., occupational hazards, air pollution and cigarette smoking), among others.
Hypertension Teaching 1628
Instructed patient have many factors can affect blood pressure, including: How much water and salt you have in your body the condition of your kidneys, nervous system, or blood vessels, your hormone levels, heart damage.
General information Teaching 255
Instructed patient to shake medication for at least one full minute if told to do so.
Lamictal Teaching 921
Instructed on the importance of taking Lamictal regularly and at the same time each day, as directed by MD, in order to get the most benefit from it.
Colostomy Teaching 1687
Skilled nurse teaching how patient performed colostomy care , washed the stoma itself and the skin around the stoma with soft paper towels, mild soap and water. Measured the stoma, cut out the opening, removed the paper back and set it aside. Finally hold the punch with the sticky side toward your body. Center the opening on the stoma , then press firmly abdomen for 30 seconds.
Thrombolytic Therapy Teaching 1536
The patient was instructed in thrombolytic therapy in the need that bed rest will be continued during the process and for 12 hours after an intracoronary infusion. The patient was advised that common blood sampling will be done to monitor coagulation times and that signs and symptoms of successful myocardial reperfusion, coronary reocclusion and bleeding will be checking. The patient was reviewed that signs of bleeding below the skin are probable and will clear with time.