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Zosyn Teaching 1269
Patient instructed on adverse effect of Zosyn such as pruritus, rash, constipation, insomnia, and agranulocytosis.
Colostomy Teaching 1314
SN instructed patient to should eat three or more times a day. Small frequent meals may be better tolerated and produce less gas.
Breast Cancer Teaching 1384
The patient was reviewed in breast cancer the prescribed surgical procedure and adjuvant therapy to be carried out. The patient was instructed that the decision is based on the phase of breast cancer, age, menopausal stage, hormonal receptor status, and patient preference. The patient was encouraged to discuss the feelings and emotions concerning awaiting surgery, adjuvant therapies, and prognosis. Explain misconceptions.
General medication Teaching 1347
Instructed to don't take medications unless you understand instructions for using them safely.
Potassium Teaching 1551
Patient/caregiver was educated about potassium 20 meq 1 tab po daily it is very important to take the medication with a full glass of water to prevent gastric distress.
Bone Marrow Teaching 1381
The patient was instructed in bone marrow suppression that will be more susceptible to infection, bleeding, and anemia. The patient was encouraged in the prevention of the infection by eating healthy meals, keep mouth, teeth and gums clean, avoid people who are sick. The patient was encouraged in the prevention of the bleeding avoiding physical activities that could cause injuries. The patient was encouraged in the prevention in the anemia by eating a high-protein diet, and multivitamin supplement with minerals.
Hypertension Teaching 1203
Instructed on some potential factors of hypertension (high blood pressure), such as: cigarette smoking, obesity and a sedentary life-style, among others.
Labetalol Teaching 940
Instructed on the importance, when taking Labetalol, of do not stopping abruptly its intake as some conditions may become worse when this drug is suddenly stopped.
Blood Sugar Teaching 685
Patient was instructed on consequences of consuming alcohol having diabetes. Alcohol disrupts the liver
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Teaching 1403
The patient was instructed in coronary artery bypass graft surgery that complete curative and recovery take 8 to 12 weeks. The patient was informed that the sternum was wired together and that a feeling of movement or a clicking sound is normal during the healing period. The patient was taught that minor itching, redness, numbness, soreness, swelling, or a drawing feeling is normal during the healing period. The patient was advised to avoid lifting or carrying heavy objects or performing isometric activities.